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Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Ray Dalio

Peter Diamandis

Dave Asprey

Tim Ferriss

Byron Katie

Annie Duke

Kevin Kelly

Steve Case

John Mackey

Tony Robbins

Marianne Williamson

Nir Eyal

Andreessen Horowitz

Peter Thiel

Websites I follow:

Inc Magazine


Brain Pickings



Fast Company

Harvard Business Review


Free Range Kids

MIT Technology Review

Live Free Now

What I'm currently reading:

Blue Ocean Shift - W. Chan Kim, Renee Mauborgne
Thinking in Bets - Annie Duke
Anti-fragile - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
The Third Wave - Steve Case
Principles - Ray Dalio
The Inevitable - Kevin Kelly
Individualism - George H. Smith, Marilyn Moore
Skin in the Game - Nassim Nicholas Taleb