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As Steve Jobs once said, "start with the customer's experience and work backward to the technology." For some of us, such insights couldn't come at a better time. With buyer attitudes being influenced in new and unconventional ways, the emphasis on CX and immersive content puts everything on the table. Including the way we view products, businesses, transactions, and most of all--relationships. It's beyond the over-abundance of apps, ads, free trials and gimmicks–to a new way of thinking about the customer journey.

It all starts with a compelling story

My current interests in 2017 are aimed at helping brand challengers compete with well-entrenched incumbents across Technology, Financial Services, Health and Wellness, Transportation and more. And it starts with an irresistible story. From speaking directly to your target audience about their challenges and motivations, to showing them the desired outcome and the value your solution provides, to the delivery of that value. I'll craft a central message to demonstrate how your product or service takes your audience from where they are now to where they want to be, with you at the center of that conversation.



Conceptual Services
Brand messaging, concept development, ideation, product naming/slogans, SEO/SEM copywriting, photo research. All of these efforts should be based on a unified strategy, providing a consistent story across all channels and customer touchpoints.

Creative Brief, Go-to market strategy, buyer personas, content strategy, growth hacking research and testing.

User Experience
Transactional content, customer on-boarding, content research, content testing and editing, content audit, competitive audit.

Creative Management
Brand style guides, best practices, content governance, content planning, editorial calendar, requirements gathering, stakeholder interviews.

Mobile Messaging
In-app messaging, SMS messaging.

Demand Generation
Landing page optimization, e-mail marketing campaigns, ideas and strategy for social media.

Partial projects list

Cisco Systems  
HP Enterprise  
Universal Pictures
Tata Communications
Walmart eCommerce

Content Marketing
Blogging, video script writing, webinar content, event marketing content, press releases, article writing, case studies, solution briefs, brochures, white papers, ghost-writing.

Technical Content
Help content, FAQs.

Technology - Hardware, Software, Cloud, SaaS, Big Data, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Networking, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Storage.
Financial Services - Fintech, Cryptocurrency.
Health and Wellness - Fitness, HealthIT. 
Transportation - Automotive, Commercial, Transit, Airline, Freight, Logistics.


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Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.
~Albert Einstein